Form Confirmation Order Provisions


                 Below are links to sample confirmation order provisions that are used, where appropriate, in Chapter 13 cases pending in the Tyler, Marshall, Lufkin, and Beaumont Divisions of the Eastern District of Texas.  Most of these provisions have either been drafted by and/or approved by Judge Bill Parker for use in these cases.

These provisions are divided in a number of categories, starting with the three standard provisions that should be inserted in every Chapter 13 Plan and Confirmation Order (the TRCC provision, the tax return/refund provision, and the timing of Trustee Fee provision).  The other provisions are case specific that should be inserted in the Chapter 13 Plan and Confirmation Order where the specific circumstance applies.  Failure to include these provisions, where applicable, in the Chapter 13 Plan will draw an objection from the Trustee which may be resolved by the inclusion of the missing provision in the Confirmation Order.

These provisions should be inserted in the “Other Provisions” section (Paragraph 12) of the Form Chapter 13 Plan (TXEB Local Form 3015-a) and as “Other Provisions” at the end of the Form Confirmation Order (TXEB Local Form 3015-b).

The Trustee will add additional provisions to this tab as the need arises.

John J. Talton

Chapter 13 Trustee

Eastern District of Texas

Marshall, Tyler, Lufkin, and Beaumont Divisions


(Revised 3/18/16)