Introduction to National Mortgage Settlement


At the request of the United States Trustee’s Office, I am providing to you the following information concerning the National Mortgage Settlement reached between the Federal Government and 49 states on one hand and the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers (Bank of America; JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Citigroup Inc.; Ally Financial Inc./GMAC; and Wells Fargo & Co.) on the other hand.  If you have/had a mortgage with one of these entities, you may be entitled to relief pursuant to the terms of this settlement.  Attached hereto is a summary sheet concerning the settlement as well as links to websites containing more information about this settlement.

I am prohibited from giving you any type of legal advice concerning your rights in your bankruptcy, including your rights, if any, in the participation in this settlement.  Any questions that you may have concerning this settlement, after your review of the attached information and websites, should be directed at your attorney.


                                                                                                      Chapter 13 Trustee

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