Debtors are obligated to make Chapter 13 plan payments to my office pursuant to the terms of their Chapter 13 plan.  Historically, debtors have made these plan payments either through a wage withholding order (where the plan payments are deducted from their pay check by their employer who in turn forwards the payment to my office) or by direct payments to my office at its payment address (Chapter 13 Trustee, P. O. Box 734, Tyler, TX  75710).  In that I do not accept personal checks for plan payments, payment made directly to my office must be in the form of a certified check or money order.

                 I believe that a wage withholding order is still the preferable means for debtors to make their plan payments and I have a tab entitled “Wage Orders” providing debtors with information on this option.  However, I also recognize that wage withholding orders are not an option for all debtors and I wanted to provide you information about two additional options available to them for making their plan payments through Nationwide TFS.  As the Chapter 13 Trustee, I am not endorsing the services as provided by Nationwide TFS.  Nationwide TFS is a private company and neither my office or I am in any way affiliated with it.  Neither my office or I share any fees paid by the debtors to Nationwide TFS in order for the debtors to make their payments through its service.

                 For a fee, debtors are now able to make their plan payments through Nationwide TFS either by an electronic withdrawal directly from the debtors’ bank account OR, based upon an arrangement with MoneyGram Express Payment, make the payment directly at all of the MoneyGram locations (Walmart, CVS Pharmacies, etc.).  Below, are copies of three brochures prepared by Nationwide TFS, outlining these options as well as information on how to sign up for its services either at its website at or by calling 888-739-2749.  I have also provided a link to its website under my tab entitled “Helpful Links.”


Chapter 13 Trustee

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