†††††††††††††††† I am the Chapter 13 Trustee duly appointed to administer Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed by debtors in the Eastern District of Texas (Tyler, Marshall, Lufkin, and Beaumont Divisions).† In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtors are required to forward plan payments to me as their Chapter 13 Trustee during the term of their Chapter 13 plan.† I, as their Chapter 13 Trustee, will in turn distribute these plan payments to the debtorsí creditors in accordance with the terms of the debtorsí confirmed Chapter 13 plan.

If the debtors are wage earners, generally, I require the debtors to submit to a Wage Withholding Order to assist the debtors in making their plan payments to the Trustee.† Thus, a Wage Withholding Order is a court order entered by the Bankruptcy Court ordering the debtorsí employer to withhold from the debtorsí paycheck an amount equal to the debtorsí monthly plan payments and forward these amounts to the Chapter 13 Trustee.

The purpose of the information as contained in this tab is to provide information to the debtors and debtorsí employers concerning these Wage Withholding Orders.

In that I am the Trustee duly appointed by the Bankruptcy Court to administer these Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding, I do not represent the debtors, the debtorsí employer, or the creditors and I cannot give anyone legal advice on those partiesí rights in this bankruptcy.†

I may change or revise the information as contained herein at any time without further notice to you or any other party.


Chapter 13 Trustee

Eastern District of Texas

Marshall, Tyler, Lufkin, and Beaumont Divisions

Wage Withholding Orders

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