The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and other programs are part of the initiatives from the Federal government to help stabilize the housing market and help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure on their homes.  Attached hereto is a fact sheet concerning HAMP (both in English and Spanish), thereby setting out additional information on who qualifies for the program and how to apply.  Also attached hereto is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about HAMP (both in English and Spanish).

                 This information is being provided as a courtesy to you to advise you of the existence of the program.  In so doing, the Trustee would note the following:

The Trustee is not representing that you qualify for relief under HAMP.  You will need to make that determination.

The Trustee is not recommending that you apply for relief under HAMP even if you qualify for relief under HAMP.  You will need to determine whether applying for relief under HAMP is in your best interests.

The Trustee or his staff cannot assist in you in the preparation of the application for relief under HAMP.  Again, if you decide to proceed, you will need to proceed on your own.

The Trustee or his staff cannot answer questions concerning HAMP.  You can either refer to the “fact sheet” or “frequently asked questions” as attached hereto or obtain further information from the websites referenced below.

Additional information concerning HAMP and other government programs may be obtained from


or at the website maintained by the United States Trustee’s Office at


under the tab entitled “For Homeowners”.


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